Antonnikka Owens has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management. She also holds three master’s degrees in Education, Special Education and Adolescent Literacy and Technology. She has served in the educational community for over 10 years. She continues her pursuit of excellence by continuing her professional growth by being a member of the 2020 Liberty University Doctoral candidate cohort in Educational Leadership.

Ms. Owens’s commitment to academic excellence began as a student growing up in Syracuse, New York attending the local public schools. Mr. Gensler, the 9th grade Gifted English teacher challenged and mentored Antonnikka to see education as a tool that could propel her to the next level. Through his guidance she developed her passion for helping others attain their educational goals. Ms. Owens first post was at a halfway house in 2005 where as an instructor she worked with adult learners in education for adjudicated adults in pursuit of education. Ninety percent of the students were performing on or below middle school grade levels in reading and math. These students never experienced success in the traditional education environment which caused them to struggle to find gainful employment. Working with the disenfranchised was key to solidifying her drive and ambition to serve this population. 

She has served in many roles throughout the years. Because of her passion, Ms. Owens was invited by her administration to participate in larger roles within the district to continue to impact student lives. Ms. Owens was an avid participant  n teacher mentoring programs, community outreach symposium and transition planning. Ms. Owens serves to ignite success in students by building an alliance with community programs. As founder of B.R.I.D.G.E Alliance, she is committed to serving the under privileged in pursuit of making and leading educational change for each student.